[Purdue-pm] Purdue Perl Mongers

Mark Senn mark at ecn.purdue.edu
Wed Jul 14 13:16:50 CDT 2004

After a long period of inactivity, the Purdue Perl Mongers (one of many
in a loose association of internation Perl Users Groups) is having a
meeting.  I sent out email on 6/23 suggesting a July 15 meeting from
6--7pm.  Around five people responded and said they were interested.

It's an informal meeting for people to meet each other, share
information, etc. and will be 6--7 pm, Thursday, July 15, in the
basement of KNOY hall, room B29.  Beginners through advanced users are
welcome.  KNOY hall is at the intersection of Grant Street and
Northwestern Avenue in West Lafayette.  See
http://news.uns.purdue.edu/newsweb.maps.html for maps.  The closeup of
the campus map at
http://www.purdue.edu/oop/campus_map/areas/ghi_456.html shows KNOY
hall and PGNW (the Northwestern Parking Garage) where there is free
parking after 5pm.

Would any students like to make the Purdue Perl Mongers an
official Purdue University student organization?  (Something
to put on your resume?)

(Unless we come up with something better I plan to give a one hour
Beginning Perl short course at the next meeting shortly after the fall
semester starts.  (I've given Beginning Perl one hour short courses
before and can teach enough in an hour to write real (unsophisticated)
programs if you already know how to use a text editor and maybe have
heard of variables, arrays, etc.)  I'll talk about how to use use the
Perl6::Rules module briefly so you can use Perl 6 style regular expressions in
Perl 5 so you don't need to learn Perl 5 stuff now and later the better
Perl 6 stuff later---don't worry if this sentence doesn't make any sense.)


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