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Here's some more information about Damian Conway's talks in Chicago. Note that 
apart from the free talk he is going to give a couple of other fee-based 
tutorials. I attended the "Advanced Object Oriented Perl" tutorial at The Perl 
Conference this year, and I heartily recommend it if you already know OO-Perl. 
You will learn more than you thought possible in a single day.

Again, if you are interested in going, send me email. Based on that we will 
try to coordinate car pooling for those interested.


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Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 17:34:39 +0000
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Subject: Damian Conway talks in Chicago

Dear Perl-Mongers Colleague,

I've attached an announcement regarding some presentations to be made
in Chicago by Dr. Damian Conway, of Australia's Monash University,
in early October.  One is a free talk on Quantum Computing that was
given at "The Perl Conference 4.0" in Monterey earlier this summer,
and the others are fee-based professional training seminars dealing
with "Object-Oriented Perl" and "Text Parsing".

Since your Perl Mongers group is not too far from Chicago, I thought
some of your members might be interested in attending.  Accordingly,
I'd be grateful if you'd please circulate this announcement to your
group, and any other parties that you think might be interested.

Note that the deadline for obtaining the tuition discount on the
seminars is this Friday, 9/22 (extended from the initial deadline
of 9/13).  Prices and other details can be found at:

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		       "Quantum Superpositions"
			   by Damian Conway
			  Chicago, 10/8/2000

Dr. Damian Conway, celebrated Perl Guru and author of "Object
Oriented Perl", will be in Chicago in early October, continuing
his Perlish rampage across America that began last spring.

He'll be giving a free talk to the Chicago Perl Mongers on
October 8th, from 3-5pm, in the CitiBank Tower, entitled "Quantum
Superpositions and the First Virtue".

Yes, this is the stupefyingly comical yet technically inspirational
talk made famous at this summer's YAPC and TPC 4.0 conferences.
Damian's offical abstract of the talk follows below, but here's
what Steven Lembark of Chicago.pm had to say about it:

  > You will get to see Damian Conway explain how to adapt quantum
  > computing to Perl, and vice versa. Along the way, he'll touch
  > on confectionary physics, parallel programming, motor racing,
  > ancient Latin, winter sports, advanced OO, modern German, cruelty 
  > to animals, and the *original* Copenhagen.pm.

You can read attendee reviews of the SPUG presentation of this talk
at the SPUG web site, http://www.halcyon.com/spug.

Send email to Steven Lembark (lembark at wrkhors.com) of Chicago.pm
for more details on this free Chicago talk by Dr. Damian Conway.

  * * *  October Perl Seminars in Chicago, by Damian Conway  * * *

Damian Conway will be presenting two fee-based training seminars in
Chicago from 10/9-10/11, entitled "Advanced Object Oriented Perl"
and "Beyond Regexes: Text Parsing with Perl Modules".

These seminars are being organized through Consultix, which is the
contact for additional course information and registration services.
There's a 10% discount for those who register by 9/22 (which proves
that laziness is not *always* a virtue! 8-).

Detailed information on Damian Conway's October Perl Seminars is
available at: http://www.consultix-inc.com

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