Perl resources on the web

Diego Zamboni zamboni at
Wed Aug 30 21:33:44 CDT 2000


Here are some Perl resources that I have found useful:


  A very nice community of Perl users. You can find me there as ZZamboni
  (type "ZZamboni" on the search box and it will take you to my page).
  You can ask questions, post answers, post code, chat with other people,
  and in general hang around and learn a lot about Perl. Some well-known
  Perl gurus, like Randal Schwartz (merlyn) and Chip Salzberg (chip)
  are active participants at PerlMonks.


  A Perl news site, based on the Slash engine. It contains news, postings
  about new modules updated to CPAN, etc.


  The main site for CPAN (the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network), where
  you can find pretty much any Perl module you need, as well as many
  other resources.


  The search portion of CPAN. Very useful for actually finding modules.


  Index to the Perl FAQs. Look here first if you have a Perl question.

Do you have some other favorite or useful Perl web site? Post it to
the list! We will all benefit from it.


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