[Phoenix-pm] July's Meeting

Erik Tank lefthandskeletonkey at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 11:45:50 PDT 2012

The Devel::NYTProff idea sounds very interesting - I'll be looking 
forward to that meeting.

On 06/28/2012 11:36 AM, Greg Hill wrote:
> I had originally planned on presenting about contributing to CPAN in 
> July, but with the date move, I'll be out of town.  So I guess put me 
> down for August.  It was originally going to focus more on getting an 
> account and uploading the module, but since those things were so 
> easy/quick, they'll be given a cursory overview and the majority of 
> the focus will be on using Dist::Zilla to simplify packaging/releasing 
> modules.
> I have some ideas for other presentations in the future:
> Using perlbrew/cpanminus to manage your perl versions/modules
> Profiling for great good (or the hidden costs you don't realize you 
> have) - mostly about using Devel::NYTProf to analyze performance 
> issues, but also a bit of railing about stupid design decisions in 
> DBIx::Class specifically
> If any one of those sounds particularly interesting to people, I can 
> start working on it sooner than later.
> Greg
> On 06/28/2012 11:24 AM, Douglas E. Miles wrote:
>> All,
>> As Dictator-in-Chief, I have decided to move July's meeting from the 
>> 5th to the 12th. Sorry for those of you who are inconvenienced by 
>> this, but I don't think attendance will be good on the day after a 
>> national holiday. You will be receiving the normal announcement 
>> emails as we get closer to the meeting date. That is all.
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