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Darrin Chandler dwchandler at stilyagin.com
Sat May 29 09:04:19 PDT 2010

On Sat, May 29, 2010 at 09:56:08AM -0400, Brock wrote:
> Also, while we're sharing, my wife came along with me to hear Stallman
> talk quite a few years ago and came up with the perfect description of
> him and his vicious support of his cause -- "Freedom fascist."
> You WILL be Free :)


You WILL be Free, for someone's definition of free that doesn't match
the dictionary.

I'd rather not get into an advocacy discussion just now. Suffice it to
say that GPL and variations match the desires of some, but not all

If your desire is to share your code with as few restrictions as
possible then GPL, et al is a much worse choice than PD or BSD. That's
just a fact. If you don't want your code used by evil corporations and
in other ways then GPL will serve better, but realize that adding
restrictions is not making something more free.

I have no problem with people knowingly choosing GPL/LGPL. People
*should* choose a license that matches their intent. It's their code. I
do take issue with co-opting the word "freedom."

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