[Phoenix-pm] Other UG's meetings? Re: Meeting Wed?

Brock awwaiid at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 10:37:54 PDT 2007

Sheesh... I'm gone for a mere two months and the python people are
already creeping in!

Seriously though, I've gone to several of the PLUG-dev meetings and we
even had an impromptu perl meeting at one of their meetings once and
it was great and we were welcomed.

I think I was too shy about taking over Mill's End... but over the
course of 2 years, the meetings there had consistent turnout. I say
alternate between Mill's End and SCC.

I therefore propose that the Nth Xday of every month there will be a
perl monger meetup at Mill's End in Tempe at 7:00pm, with pre-planned
formal (projector-worthy) presentations at SCC.

Here is a list of possibly conflicting free-software-friendly groups I
know of to help you fill in N and X:

first tuesday - Refresh Phoenix
first thursday - PLUG DEV
second monday - Ruby
second thursday - PLUG East Side
third tuesday - Ruby on Rails
third tuesday - Free Software Stammtisch
fourth wednesday - PLUG West Side
fourth tuesday - AzPHP

I therefore propose these options in this order:
* third thursday
* first wednesday
* fourth thursday

I will take feedback for a few days, but unless I hear otherwise I
will make my first act as leader-in-exile to declare a Monthly Meeting
at Mill's End on the Third Thursday of Every Month at Seven O'Clock
PM. Formal topics will be announced no less than one week in advanced,
and the default topic will be "Perl News and Notes, Current Projects,
How I used Perl Since the Last Meeting, One Beginner Tip, and One
Advanced Tip" plus the usual general technical and social


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