[Phoenix-pm] Other UG's meetings? Re: Meeting Wed?

Darrin Chandler dwchandler at stilyagin.com
Tue Jul 31 09:12:01 PDT 2007

On Mon, Jul 30, 2007 at 06:58:40PM -0700, Scott Walters wrote:
> Okay, I'll take that as a great big fat "no".  Expected to at least
> hear from a few of you weenies that were arguing against disbanding.

Even though last meeting was my first meeting, I am one of those
weenies. In my defense, I'll say that posting Monday for a Wednesday
meeting is fraught with peril.

> Seriously though, anyone on this list going to other user 
> group's meetings who can report back on what might be a good venue
> for us/me to crash?

Last night I attended the first local PIGgies (python) meeting. About 7
people showed, and it wasn't too bad. Hopefully it'll go somewhere. Same
venue problems as everyone else (met at Coffee Plantation on Mill).

If you seriously want to crash another party, I very much suggest
crashing the PLUG Developer meeting [1]. Perlers are there, and welcome.
Topics & presentations are *always* in short supply. It's got a venue,
it's monthly, it's not for a competing language, and it's development

[1] Disclaimer: I'm not an official of PLUG in any way. So I guess this
isn't so much a disclaimer as a claimer.

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