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Hi folks,

Please reply to Chris directly with replies to this that you want him to see 
the reply.

I think this is Chandler area.


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Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007 20:09:06 -0700 (MST)
From: Chris Franz <franz at unicon.net>
To: Scott Walters <scott at illogics.org>
Subject: Re: Job Posting?

Job Description

Work on a small team to manage a complex Subversion (SVN) repository of curriculum artifacts.  Develop and maintain a set of Perl scripts to assemble artifacts from the content repository into a viewable set of files served by an Apache web server.  Develop PHP administration pages that potentially involve a backend MySQL database.

Education and Work Experience
•	Two or four year college degree. 
•	Two to four years of professional experience in Linux system administration and supporting software projects using the SVN version control system.

Required Knowledge & Skills:
•	Linux system administration skills.
•	Version control system administration experience, specifically with SVN.
•	Perl script development skills.
•	XML/XSLT, HTML JS development skills
•	Professional experience with php and sh. 
•	Professional experience with relational databases such as MySQL 

Preferred Knowledge & Skills:
•	Apache web server expertise.
•	Knowledge of CSS, DTDs and Flash (AS 2.0/3.0).

Non-Technical Skills
•	Self-starter; Willing to learn/explore new areas in the computing field and independently work to solve problems.
•	Excellent communications and interpersonal skills. 
•	Outstanding attention to detail.
•	Strong analytical and design skills. 
•	Strong teamwork skills.

I can provide more detail if you'd like.  This
is a full-time position.  I'm flexible as far as
employee and/or contractor.  We have funding for 3 months
but I believe the position will be around for at least
a year.  I need somebody asap, like Monday.

I guess I'd be looking at a $60-75K/year salaried person
(plus full bennies) or, alternatively, a $50-60/hr contractor.

Thanks for your assistance with this and the tip of jobs.perl.org.
I'll check it out.  I appreciate it.

Chris Franz
Unicon, Inc.

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