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(Hello Phoenix.PM and DC.PM!)

I don't know if any of you have seen the Beautiful Code book yet, but it
seems pretty damn cool. I've perused it the bookstore and am going to
get a copy soon (though perhaps I will take Marsee up on her review-copy

Anyway, looks like they've set up http://beautifulcode.oreillynet.com
though it seems to have mostly javaish stuff so far.


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Can you share the following news with your members? And we're still 
looking for someone to submit a slashdot review. Let me know if you 
need a copy.

Thanks for your help,


O'Reilly's created a brand new website devoted to the topics in our new
book "Beautiful Code" at http://beautifulcode.oreillynet.com.

We give you the opportunity to discuss the book's projects and to
contribute information about other projects that illustrate coding

The lead programmer for the Beautiful Code website is Michael Feathers,
a popular author and expert in Agile Programming who contributed the
chapter "Framework for Integrated Test: Beauty through Fragility."

In a recent post, Feathers writes: "When I was a younger programmer, I
felt guilty about being a neat-freak. It was a selective obsession.
There I was, sitting in my office with stacks of papers and books
covering every available space, but I was oblivious to it. As long as my
code looked great, I could shut out the chaos around me: the towering
stacks of dead tree that could've toppled and crushed me if I had

Feathers continues, "I don't know why I felt bad about being that way,
but in retrospect, I think that I felt that I was wasting time caring
about neatness in code. It took me a couple of years to figure out that
the ergonomics of code matter, and that the time you spend decluttering
your code can declutter your thoughts as well."

Got a site that fits the spirit of Beautiful Code? Then send us a link
so we can blog about it:

For more information on "Beautiful Code: Leading Programmers Explain
How They Think" Edited by Andy Oram, Greg Wilson, go to:

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