[Phoenix-pm] Meeting Planning

Oyler, Nathan nathan.oyler at sap.com
Thu Jun 15 15:44:09 PDT 2006

I would love to attend more, and would have been at every one except.

They are 2 1/2 hours after I get off work. So I run home from Scottsdale
to Tempe. Take care of the baby, get relaxed, and I don't particularly
feel like running back up to North Scottsdale.

I'm sure we all have little things like that. If it was a Friday night
or in Tempe I'd care much less. (One was closer by, but I had a work

I'm sure most of us are like that. If you want to get together tonight
around Tempe I'll be there. I leave for yapc on the 24th so the 22nd
will be a bad time to ask the wife if she'll take the baby all day while
I'm at work, right before I'm gone for a week. (then weeks after for

Don't mean to spill on about my personal life, but just wanted to bring
up that I'm sure we'd all like to go every meeting, I personally enjoy
them quite a bit, but with work, and a family it's hard to schedule in
every one.

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> Will you be attending?
> Looking at the calendar, the 22nd is possibly the day of the game 7
> finals. Think that'll mess it up? If not I'll announce it widely
> (PLUG-dev, BSD, ruby/refreshphoenix, AzPHP, etc).
> --Brock
> On 2006., Darrin Chandler wrote:
> | On Tue, Jun 13, 2006 at 05:10:56PM +0000, Scott Walters wrote:
> | >
> | > Naw, screw 'em.  The people who can't make one date tend not to be
> | > able to make othr dates as well, even ones they suggest.
> | > though, we can do some non-Thursdays if there are people who want
> | > kabitz but can't do Thursdays.
> |
> | The impromptu, informal Beer & BSD gathering went pretty well and
> | fair attendance. Short notice, different night, no presentation, and
> | still people showed up.
> |
> | People will attend as they can, and there's no time where everyone
> | make it. Just set a reasonable time and day of week and hope for the
> | best.
> |
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