[Phoenix-pm] Staying in California

Scott Walters scott at illogics.org
Mon Jul 3 11:27:35 PDT 2006

Hi Michael,

On  0, Michael Friedman <friedman at highwire.stanford.edu> wrote:
> Phoenix PMers,
> Well, my wife has resigned her position at ASU so that we are now  
> staying in California for the foreseeable future. I have to admit,  
> there are a lot of things about Phoenix that I am not going to miss  
> (starting with 100 degree temps), but I will miss being able to  
> attend Phoenix.pm meetings.

I'm glad California is agreeable to the both of you, but I'm sorry to 
see you go.  I don't mind the weather here as much as the culture
(or lack thereof), but I can relate to yearning to get out.

> For example, I'd be really excited to hear Andy Lester or other  
> luminaries come talk. It's hard to explain the airfare, hotel, and  
> car to my budget, though. :-(

That would be silly.  If you're going to fly somewhere to hear a 
talk, go to OSCON, or YAPC::Europe =)

> However, I've really enjoyed being on the mailing list this past  
> year, even though I'm not in AZ. I read the postings after meetings  
> (when there are any) and loved the writeups from YAPC recently. You  
> may also have heard me rant about the lack of any perlmongers groups  
> in Silicon Valley (wouldn't you think they'd gather, here of all  
> places?). So, if it's OK with you guys, I'd like to stay on the  
> mailing list as an "emeritus" member.

Absolutely.  There are plenty of people who never come to meetings but
hang out on the list.  We'd be ogres to kick you off while keeping on
people who haven't even come to one ;)

To speculate wildly, probably the only thing preventing a thriving a
PM group there is the nutso commute times and the even more nutso
commute times people would face if they had an additional stop in
some random location on the way home.  

> And, I'll happily chip in $20 to bring in a speaker, if someone tapes  
> the talk and posts it where I can hear/see it.

I'd have a hard time accepting that.  But I'll certainly use you as
an example when hitting other people up for money and they act like
they know for fact that I'm the devil rather than just strongly
suspecting as much.

However, I do want to ramp up recording meetings.  Maybe we can start
simulcasting them besides just recording them.  If the only incentive
to actually attending the meeting is to be able to heckle and ask
questions, I'd be fine with that.  Now, what software would I have to
use?  I've got an old analogue (I love the British) camcorder and a
Pinnacle Systems "PCTV USB" video grabber.  What software and services
do I need to stream live and record from Linux?  This is area I'm
very ignorant of.


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