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Jonathan K. Smith jksmith at lexsolutio.com
Thu Sep 22 17:22:42 PDT 2005

    I know we just had a meeting, but I was hoping to suggest a topic...
References?  I don't know how much interest there is with everyone else,
but everything that I find about them all the looks the same to me..
something straight out of organic chemistry that makes even less sense
to me now than it did when I first went through it.  Also I'm hoping
that the meeting isn't going to be during the second week of Oct as I'll
be out of town.  Anyways, I really enjoyed the first meeting and learned
alot for which I am very thankful, though really opened my mind about
how big a task I've decided to tackle and how much more I need to learn.
I'm slowly making progress on the code that was sent out earlier, so
hopefully will have something that will make a little more sense and
will be easier to correct this time.  Mostly putting in lots of comments
and using more subroutines.
Jonathan Smith
Sic Volere Parcas
So Spin the Fates
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