[Phoenix-pm] Meeting room possibilities...

Andrew Johnson andypm at exiledplanet.org
Tue Oct 25 00:47:25 PDT 2005

A little bit more research reveals to me that the "enhanced podcast" 
concept, while a nice one, is probably too proprietary to be useful for 
our group.  (Specially, it's an Apple iTunes/iPod technology, wrapped in 
their AAC file format.)  However, I have viewed SWF audio+slideshows to 
good effect, so perhaps that route would be more acceptable, especially 
since it seems Brock is already familiar with it.  SWF players 
(including the highly annoying Macromedia Flash) are more ubiquitous 
than iTunes, and the SWF format is at least partially open.


Brock wrote:

>vnc2swf.py Lets me attach audio to screen captures. I love screenshot
>movies, have I mentioned that? There are some .oggs of the last meeting
>on the website, though they seem to get cut off and are a bit too-high
>of quality (cutting them back to 16 or 8-bit would decrease the size
>significantly, while remaining quite listenable I believe). They were
>recorded in the noisy atmosphere of CounterCulture, but turned out
>really well (thanks Scott!).
>On 2005., Andrew Johnson wrote:
>| "Location is just off I-10 & Ray Rd. so a bit South for
>| some of you" is like saying "Phoenix is a little warm in
>| the summer."  Though I do support the idea of multiple meeting
>| locations.  The valley is just so _big_, I think we have
>| to face the fact that not everyone is going to be able to
>| come to every meeting.  However, if overall attendance goes
>| up, IMHO it's worth it to get more people involved. 
>| Perhaps instead of a normal podcast or video we should look
>| into "enhanced podcasts" for the meetings.  These are audio
>| tracks with slides/screenshots attached.  I'm not clear
>| on the format specifics yet.  Worst case scenario, we could
>| just post an MP3 w/a slideshow in an appropriate format
>| (PDF?).  It would require a relatively quiet meeting place,
>| though. 
>| [aj]

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