[Phoenix-pm] Meeting room possibilities...

Brock awwaiid at thelackthereof.org
Mon Oct 24 23:04:36 PDT 2005

vnc2swf.py Lets me attach audio to screen captures. I love screenshot
movies, have I mentioned that? There are some .oggs of the last meeting
on the website, though they seem to get cut off and are a bit too-high
of quality (cutting them back to 16 or 8-bit would decrease the size
significantly, while remaining quite listenable I believe). They were
recorded in the noisy atmosphere of CounterCulture, but turned out
really well (thanks Scott!).


On 2005., Andrew Johnson wrote:
| "Location is just off I-10 & Ray Rd. so a bit South for
| some of you" is like saying "Phoenix is a little warm in
| the summer."  Though I do support the idea of multiple meeting
| locations.  The valley is just so _big_, I think we have
| to face the fact that not everyone is going to be able to
| come to every meeting.  However, if overall attendance goes
| up, IMHO it's worth it to get more people involved. 
| Perhaps instead of a normal podcast or video we should look
| into "enhanced podcasts" for the meetings.  These are audio
| tracks with slides/screenshots attached.  I'm not clear
| on the format specifics yet.  Worst case scenario, we could
| just post an MP3 w/a slideshow in an appropriate format
| (PDF?).  It would require a relatively quiet meeting place,
| though. 
| [aj]

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