[Phoenix-pm] Perl programmer needed for direct hire

Victor Odhner vodhner at cox.net
Mon Oct 3 06:57:50 PDT 2005

Here is a direct employment opportunity for a Perl programmer.

Requires solid comfort with Perl's basic work-horse
features.  Having built and maintained real
applications supporting real business activities
would be a big plus, but other experience may
also qualify -- see below.

These Perl applications run on Windows (using
ActiveState Perl) or Linux, so knowledge of Windows
(command line, scheduling, VBA, etc.) or Linux/Unix
(shell scripting, cron, etc.) are of value here.

Some of these applications emulate human interaction
(screen scraping) with remote systems; others do
data conversion and SQL queries, and interact with
Unix via a telnet session.

Work is in a team environment with application
specialists who have various skills, so there's a
need to learn from and teach others.  Rarely, the
whole team works together on verifying or entering
data.  It's a very lively environment and you get to
see your work in action -- no ivory tower here.
The environment includes a number of hotel
reservations tools, data flowing to web-based
booking services, conversion of data from new
customers, etc.

If you know Perl but lack professional experience,
other qualification that could help in this job are
MS Excel, SQL, shell scripting, and basic networking;
any prior contact with the hospitality industry; or
other office work, dealing with tools and procedures.
Because of the varied nature of the work, the
requirements are rather flexible.

This is a job that I did before transferring into my
current position in software support.  The people are
nice, and the challenges are varied.  The company is
good to work for, with full bennies, several avenues
of possible advancement, broad technology exposure
and good mobility.

We are located by the 101 near the Scottsdale Airpark.
Please contact me for further information.



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