[Phoenix-pm] Missing PM groups?

Michael Friedman friedman at highwire.stanford.edu
Sat Oct 1 22:50:33 PDT 2005


You may have seen the latest Perl.com newsletter. (If not, you should  
go sign up!)

> Dave Cross, TPF's Perl Monger in Chief, has posted a call for  
> missing Perl
> Monger groups.  If you're a member (or leader) of any group on his  
> list,
> please contact him at user_groups at pm dot org:
>     <http://dave.org.uk/missing/>

You may not have clicked through to the list itself, though, where  
Yuma.pm and Tuscon.pm are both AWOL.

Anyone know anyone in those groups? If so, you might want to pass the  
word that they're going to be delisted if they don't respond...

-- Mike
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