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Tue Aug 16 08:34:33 PDT 2005

On 8/12/05, Brock <awwaiid at thelackthereof.org> wrote:
> [I sent this earlier but it bounced because of my new internet setup
>   being borked. Seems to work now though. We'll see if this goes out]
> Hiya,
I forgot to do a reply all as well:

Hi guys, I'm willing to chat a bit about OSCON, which won't go for
very long I wouldn't think.   I'm in favor of the Intro to Modular
Programming myself.  The only problem is that I start teaching
Tuesdays and Thursdays that week, so I can't make those nights.

On Venus, I know that west side PLUG meets at GCC, they tend to be
friendly towards groups, as I would imagine most of the community
colleges would be.  There's the other Public Libraries in the valley
as well.

> Well I finally got the internet at home! YAY! So now I don't feel like I
> live on an island anymore. Happy days.
> I'm having trouble getting a meeting set up. I want to meet at the
> library again on the 25th, but it took them a while to get back to me
> and when they did the room was already taken. So if you have ideas for
> venue's now is a good time to mention them! I'm hoping to set meetings
> up further in advance, but am still working on a stable venue.
> Suggested topics:
>   * Perl6
>   * OSCON
>   * Intro-to modular programming (as a ramp-up to intro-to object programming).
> --Brock
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