[Phoenix-pm] greetings

Tim Ayers tayers at quaday.com
Sun Jul 25 22:14:50 CDT 2004

I did? I wonder where I moved to.

Hope you have a very nice day, :-)

Scott Walters wrote:
> Welcome! 
> Mike is constantly threatening to leave us, too, and I think Tim Ayers
> left a long time ago without saying "goodbye" ;)
> So, Doug, when's the next meeting? 
> Hey, we've got online message archives - check this out:
> http://www.pm.org/pipermail/phoenix-pm/
> -scott
> On  0, Brock <awwaiid at thelackthereof.org> wrote:
>>Hi phoenix perlmongers,
>>I may not be in phoenix (Tempe, actually) much longer, but I figure as
>>long as I'm here I should take the opprotunity to hang out with some
>>other perlers. So I thought I'd drop a line and lurk for the next
>>Look forward to meeting you'all
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