David A. Sinck phx-pm-list at
Wed Jan 14 09:43:58 CST 2004

\_ SMTP quoth Matt Alexander on 1/14/2004 07:06 as having spake thusly:
\_ I'm trying to use Net::Telnet to connect to a device that simply outputs
\_ data after a connection is made.  There's no prompt and there's no
\_ indication of when it's done sending data, however I know that after about
\_ 10 seconds that I should have received all the data that was available.  I
\_ then want to save all the output from this device to a log file.
\_ I think the problem with my script is that it's looking for a prompt from
\_ the device.  I've tried setting Prompt => undef and Prompt => "", but
\_ these both generate warnings and I never retrieve any data.

Why not go with one of the Socket modules or with building your own


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