wxPerl on Mac OS X

doug at doug at
Mon Jan 5 16:07:49 CST 2004

> Hi folks.
> My wife recently got so fed up with MSWindoze that she made the command
> decision to switch us to a Macintosh. OS X comes with Perl built in so
> I promptly installed wxWindows and wxPerl. I've started playing with
> some of the sample code and I've discovered that it takes about 12
> seconds to launch even the simplest ones. Does anyone know if this is
> common with wxPerl on other platforms or is it possible I have
> something I have installed wrong? (Remote as this possibility seems. :)
> I have a wxWindows based program called Audacity installed and it loads
> up fast enough. Could it be because I'm running these samples from the
> command line? Anyway, any suggestions are welcome. (Except the ones
> that involve a lobotomy.)

You might want to try the mailing list archives:

The search doesn't appear to be working correctly right now though. :(  I
did a little work with OS X and wxPerl several months ago, so the details
are a little fuzzy.  I had other issues though - toolbar images weren't
showing up.  This may be fixed now, but I don't have access to an OS X box
to check.  If all else fails, join the mailing list:

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