wxPerl on Mac OS X

Chris Krum cakrum at
Thu Jan 1 09:57:42 CST 2004

Hi folks.

My wife recently got so fed up with MSWindoze that she made the command 
decision to switch us to a Macintosh. OS X comes with Perl built in so 
I promptly installed wxWindows and wxPerl. I've started playing with 
some of the sample code and I've discovered that it takes about 12 
seconds to launch even the simplest ones. Does anyone know if this is 
common with wxPerl on other platforms or is it possible I have 
something I have installed wrong? (Remote as this possibility seems. :) 
I have a wxWindows based program called Audacity installed and it loads 
up fast enough. Could it be because I'm running these samples from the 
command line? Anyway, any suggestions are welcome. (Except the ones 
that involve a lobotomy.)


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