[Fwd: [Fwd: Re: Phoenix.pm: Inheriting from DateTime]]

Eden Li Eden.Li at asu.edu
Thu Feb 19 19:17:24 CST 2004

oh, I figured it was a warning.  I tested it as below:

{ local ($SIG{'__WARN__'}) = sub {};
  warn 'meh';
warn 'bleh';

Which prints out only 'bleh'.  Apparently, from my limited research, you can't
stop a die() from happening by changing its handler.  Therefore, you may
ignore this suggestion... :)  It's probably not good to turn off warns/dies

It seems DateTime is being a bit too pedantic by complaining about extra
parameters it recieves...  I guess this is a design policy that the DateTime
programmer decided to implement.  Ah, I love Perl's apathy towards policy :)

Anyway... I'm typing too much.  I think the best way is to remove your params
before passing them off to DateTime, as you and Scott both mentioned...

On Thu, 19 Feb 2004, Douglas E. Miles wrote:
> Hmmm...  This didn't work for me.  According to the documentation for 
> Params::Validate (which DateTime uses), it does a Carp::confess (which 
> is a equivalent to 'die'.  Maybe you have a different version of one or 
> more of the modules which gives a warning rather than 'die'ing?  I'm not 
> sure.  Thanks for the reply.

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