[Phoenix-pm] Elect a date and location

Jason Riedel jasonriedel at jasonriedel.com
Thu Dec 30 03:13:23 CST 2004

I'm familiar with all the locations mentioned and Im good either way. So I 
will just watch for other members responses and see how this pans out.

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> Thanks Brock, I mailed them. Perl Mongers is really the red headed step
> child now it looks like. They couldn't even put the "we're going to
> purge you" announcement on http://pm.org itself.
> Thurs, Jan 6, 2005 is YAPC in Toronto. Damn. I wanted to go but it
> snuck up on me and I don't have the funds anyway. =(
> Let's have a meeting then. Doug presumably has things to do after work, so
> Bowne isn't available, and I think we could use some fresh scenery
> anyway (though hopefully we can still pop into Bowne now and then in
> the future. Near the same location is the George & Dragon pub:
> http://www.google.com/local?hl=en&lr=&q=george+%26+dragon&near=Phoenix,+AZ&oi=locald&radius=0.0&latlng=33448333,-112073333,10036607831195281563
> It's a pretty authentic British pub - scarves on the ceiling, won't serve 
> you a
> "Bud" (or if they do, they'll be forced to immediately throw you out), 
> good
> selection of ales (including Skull Splitter which absolutely couldn't be 
> brewed
> any stronger). You can even get scotch eggs as well as traditional pub 
> fare.
> Good selection of wiskeys and scotches.
> Anyway, that's one nomination. I could also talk to the Phoenix Public
> Library (which has a branch just a block away from Bowne) and there's
> Four Peaks Brewery in Tempe. And there's the Willow House. But admittedly,
> I'm anxious to call a drinking meeting and see who comes out of the
> wood work. Bandersnatch would have been the obvious choice as they had
> free wired Ethernet, but sadly, Bandersnatch, the oldest brew pub in AZ,
> is no more =( And of course, we don't always have to meet in the same
> place.
> If anyone else has any suggestions on a time or place, tell the list.
> If anyone wants to present, let me know. If anyone wants to nark on 
> someone
> else who has something that could be made a presentation, let me know.
> We happily accept long, short, polished, and hastily prepaired 
> presentations.
> I have some ideas for how the presentation might be done (802.11 ad-hoc
> and VNC) but it's ultimately up to the presenter.
> -scott
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