[Phoenix-pm] Elect a date and location

Scott Walters scott at illogics.org
Wed Dec 29 14:37:20 CST 2004

Thanks Brock, I mailed them. Perl Mongers is really the red headed step
child now it looks like. They couldn't even put the "we're going to
purge you" announcement on http://pm.org itself.

Thurs, Jan 6, 2005 is YAPC in Toronto. Damn. I wanted to go but it 
snuck up on me and I don't have the funds anyway. =(

Let's have a meeting then. Doug presumably has things to do after work, so
Bowne isn't available, and I think we could use some fresh scenery
anyway (though hopefully we can still pop into Bowne now and then in
the future. Near the same location is the George & Dragon pub:


It's a pretty authentic British pub - scarves on the ceiling, won't serve you a
"Bud" (or if they do, they'll be forced to immediately throw you out), good 
selection of ales (including Skull Splitter which absolutely couldn't be brewed
any stronger). You can even get scotch eggs as well as traditional pub fare. 
Good selection of wiskeys and scotches. 

Anyway, that's one nomination. I could also talk to the Phoenix Public
Library (which has a branch just a block away from Bowne) and there's
Four Peaks Brewery in Tempe. And there's the Willow House. But admittedly,
I'm anxious to call a drinking meeting and see who comes out of the 
wood work. Bandersnatch would have been the obvious choice as they had
free wired Ethernet, but sadly, Bandersnatch, the oldest brew pub in AZ,
is no more =( And of course, we don't always have to meet in the same

If anyone else has any suggestions on a time or place, tell the list.
If anyone wants to present, let me know. If anyone wants to nark on someone
else who has something that could be made a presentation, let me know.
We happily accept long, short, polished, and hastily prepaired presentations.
I have some ideas for how the presentation might be done (802.11 ad-hoc
and VNC) but it's ultimately up to the presenter.


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