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Mon May 19 00:20:23 CDT 2003

Are you useing prompt ?
The Net::Telnet module defines the output of a command as the distance 
from one prompt to the next,
if a prompt is not found during the loop, then,,,,
Things I have use include:
- print, waitfor method see perldoc Net::Telnet
- Debug mode, and see if this is the core if the issue, see perldoc 

Have fun!

On Friday, May 16, 2003, at 09:53 PM, Jason Riedel wrote:

> Fellow Perl Mongers,
> I am working on an application that has 2 text boxes.
> One gathers data: $config_text
> The other shows the results: $results_text
> When a button is pressed the data from that test box is retrieved and 
> stored in an array. After some checks all the data is submitted to the 
> proper sub routine and in each one Net::Telnet::Cisco is called and 
> executes it's foreach loop roughly 20-100 times. Inside the foreach 
> loop I call $results_text->insert('end', "update");. The problem is I 
> won't see the text until the foreach loop has completed all of its 
> runs.
> I tried using the after() fix listed in the following post, but had no 
> luck.
> However,I could have implemented it wrong?
> Any help or suggestions is appreciated, full source is attached.
> Thanks,
> Jason Riedel
> <>
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