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    No need to answer my dumb question. The answer was $w->update; after each insert()

Jason Riedel
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  Fellow Perl Mongers,

  I am working on an application that has 2 text boxes.

  One gathers data: $config_text
  The other shows the results: $results_text

  When a button is pressed the data from that test box is retrieved and stored in an array. After some checks all the data is submitted to the proper sub routine and in each one Net::Telnet::Cisco is called and executes it's foreach loop roughly 20-100 times. Inside the foreach loop I call $results_text->insert('end', "update");. The problem is I won't see the text until the foreach loop has completed all of its runs. 

  I tried using the after() fix listed in the following post, but had no luck.

  However,I could have implemented it wrong?

  Any help or suggestions is appreciated, full source is attached.

  Jason Riedel

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