Any linux programmers out there? (fwd)

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Fri May 16 11:25:11 CDT 2003

sorry, I only do freebsd.


Scott Walters wrote:

> Bill sent this to me, but I think Perlers might enjoy writing
> an "I'm here" letter. My idea of fun =)
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> Date: 16 May 2003 11:03:05 -0700
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> Subject: Any linux programmers out there?
> I have a rather interesting situation with a client of mine. They are a
> non-profit mental health provider - the Executive Director is Ray Grey
> <r.grey at> I have included him in the distribution of
> this email.
> Anyway, I think he agrees with me that the best path for a non-profit
> corporation to go is open source/free software and he does have a
> die-hard Windows guy as president of the board of directors.
> Apparently the issue comes down to his belief that there aren't any
> Linux programmers around. Imagine that!
> They are in central Phoenix.
> I told him that there were many Linux programmers around and if I put
> the word out on just one mail list (PLUG), that he would likely be
> inundated with people, capable and willing and most likely resumes. I
> can't guarantee that anyone will get a programming may
> ultimately end up at an over priced Windows integrator.
> The project involves collection of data into an SQL database and sending
> electronic compilations of the data as billing data in HCFA type
> blocks...multi-user and the user interface and the middleware is not
> determined.
> If you are interested, please send him an email - feel free to copy me
> or don't copy me and that's fine.
> If you are a programmer but are currently involved in other projects
> please drop him a short note just to let him know that there are Linux
> programmers as this is a sticking point.
> If you have questions, please feel free to send them to me.
> The big issue here, if I failed to make the point is that we have a
> non-profit agency with a lot of Macintosh computers and no real
> investment in Microsoft Windows hardware or software. It's obvious to me
> that this is the right time to move to open source / free software and
> the major obstacle to this is that they have a perception that Linux
> programmers, integrators, system administrators etc. are not readily
> identifiable...stand up and be counted and you will make a difference in
> the perception of decision makers.
> Thanks,
> Craig
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