Any linux programmers out there? (fwd)

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Fri May 16 07:58:14 CDT 2003

Bill sent this to me, but I think Perlers might enjoy writing
an "I'm here" letter. My idea of fun =)

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Subject: Any linux programmers out there?

I have a rather interesting situation with a client of mine. They are a
non-profit mental health provider - the Executive Director is Ray Grey
<r.grey at> I have included him in the distribution of
this email.

Anyway, I think he agrees with me that the best path for a non-profit
corporation to go is open source/free software and he does have a
die-hard Windows guy as president of the board of directors.

Apparently the issue comes down to his belief that there aren't any
Linux programmers around. Imagine that!

They are in central Phoenix.

I told him that there were many Linux programmers around and if I put
the word out on just one mail list (PLUG), that he would likely be
inundated with people, capable and willing and most likely resumes. I
can't guarantee that anyone will get a programming may
ultimately end up at an over priced Windows integrator.

The project involves collection of data into an SQL database and sending
electronic compilations of the data as billing data in HCFA type
blocks...multi-user and the user interface and the middleware is not

If you are interested, please send him an email - feel free to copy me
or don't copy me and that's fine.

If you are a programmer but are currently involved in other projects
please drop him a short note just to let him know that there are Linux
programmers as this is a sticking point.

If you have questions, please feel free to send them to me.

The big issue here, if I failed to make the point is that we have a
non-profit agency with a lot of Macintosh computers and no real
investment in Microsoft Windows hardware or software. It's obvious to me
that this is the right time to move to open source / free software and
the major obstacle to this is that they have a perception that Linux
programmers, integrators, system administrators etc. are not readily
identifiable...stand up and be counted and you will make a difference in
the perception of decision makers.



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