map + grep problem

Scott Walters scott at
Tue May 6 11:30:32 CDT 2003

In the documentation, something like

@foo{...} instead of $foo{...} or
%foo{...} instead of %foo{...} 

... is called a "slice".. either an "array slice" or "hash slice". It gives you 
a list context to assign to or from.

This is used most commonly when asking for several elements of an array:

my($time, $date, $name) = @record[3,6,7];

rather than:

$time = $record[3]; $date = $record[6]; $name = $record[7];

Glad to see some discussion in here =)


On  0, Victor Odhner <vodhner at> wrote:
> Shay Harding wrote:
> > This could be written as:
> > my %h_a2;
> > @h_a2{@a2} = undef;
> OK, wow.  It works nicely, but
> what on earth is @h_a2{@a2}???
> I see you taking a hash, calling it a
> list, subscripting it like a hash,
> and using a list as the subscript.
> I have no problem with subscripting a
> hash with a list, that's old hat.
> But what is it called when you put
> "@" in front of it instead of "$"?
> I guess I should be asking for the
> latest and greatest in *Perl* books!
> I've been Perling continuously since
> 1994 but you guys are shaming me.
> Vic

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