Best PHP reference book?

Scott Walters scott at
Mon May 5 08:26:50 CDT 2003

Hi Victor, - this was
posted to this list a while back, but the link is broken now 
(even if you decode that correctly). Perhaps Google can
turn up a copy of that, somewhere. If you find it, please add
a link to the "Books" section on the website at under "Free Books". 

Many have a justifiable loyalty to O'Reilly, as they churn
out consistently good books. I happen to know that they have
a few PHP books, including a cookbook, if memory serves. lists one PHP book in 
the little private library I kicked off a while back.

Not to start a flame-war, but if you know and understand
Perl, why would you want to "learn" PHP? Just another resume
buzzword, you have to use it, what? Perl is already slighted
enough for not being a serious programming language, only
suited for rank hacks with no engineering discipline and
script kiddies (also with no engineering discipline). 

Hope this helps.

On  0, Victor Odhner <vodhner at> wrote:
> I was given an Amazon gift certificate and thought I'd
> buy a PHP book.
> I have a strong PerlCGI/Apache background and can
> certainly teach myself PHP, so what I need is a book
> with long-term reference value:  rigorous syntax
> definition, examples of how to do non-trivial things,
> etc.
> Can someone suggest a good PHP reference book?
> O&BTW, "" doesn't seem to recognize
> the AZPHP list I used to belong to.  Does the
> AZPHP list still exist?
> Thanks,
> Vic

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