Perl Mongers, Fuzzy Logic

Scott Walters scott at
Thu May 1 17:03:00 CDT 2003


No, just notes from library books and ther ilk.

Are you interested in double checking my work? 

The notation that most books use is very obscure and poorly
explained, and they don't get past the introduction before they
drop English as a communication tool and just throw lots of
formulas at you, so I've had every chance to go astray.

What I have combines the only case of an actual source code
listing I could find, with what I've picked up in introductions.

Methods for avoiding feedback/non stableizing systems is the
most advanced text I was able to decipher. Apparently, there
are mathematical methods for designing fuzzy systems for
control - that is beyond me. 

If you're interested - and I really hope you are - then
I'd be glad to organize and forward along what I have.


On  0, Eden.Li at wrote:
> Scott,
> Have you any papers on this subject yet?
> eden
> Quoting Scott Walters <scott at>:
> > . Theory of Fuzzy Logic and how my interface implements it -
> > applications
> >   for Fuzzy Logic, comparison to statistical methods and to neural
> > networks.
> >   Fuzzy sets, fuzzy operations, data units in fuzzy systems.
> >   Classification and pattern recognition using systems of fuzzy logic.
> >   How Fuzzy Logic deals with the learning problem, its advantages and
> >   disadvantages to back-propogation and genetic programming. 

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