UNIX/C/Perl/OO/Oracle/stupid expecatations/out of state/headhunter job

Scott Walters scott at
Mon Feb 24 20:04:32 CST 2003

> From:  "Jeremy Langhans" <jlanghans at>
> Hello,
> I found your resume via and was wondering if you or anyone
> you know would be interested and qualified for this job?

You wanted to know if I would be qualified? I would be qualified, but
I designed to drop out of school and I didn't start programming when I
was 7, or else I would be.

> Senior Software Development Engineer

Why didn't you search Alta Vista for "old computer programmer"? 
Anyway, I'm glad that old people are doing something besides knitting
now days to pass the time.

> We are confidentially searching for technical wizards of guru level for
> one of our local clients.  The ideal candidates will design, develop,
> debug, evaluate, troubleshoot, modify, deploy, architect and build
> complex software / systems.  You will be a member of a
> cross-disciplinary team that will deliver mission-critical distributed
> systems technology on an e-commerce platform.

All of the guru level technical wizards are desprete enough for a job
that they're willing to relocate. You're in luck.

> The client's database-driven web site(s) seeks to be a successful

If it is "one of" them, why aren't sure whether or not "site" is plural?

> hi-tech buyer / seller company by centralizing millions of sellers and
> by leveraging the procurement process that interacts with thousands of
> vendors.  This position requires 8 or more year's in development
> experience, with 4 or more of those in a senior / lead type role, with
> at least 3 of those leading large-scale projects creating complex
> systems (ERP supply chain a plus).

Is it any company I've heard on, perhaps one featured on f*

> Technical requirements include (but are not limited to) a high-level
> working expertise with:
> 1.	C / C++
> 2.	SQL
> 3.	OOP / OOD
> 4.	Perl
> 5.	HTTP / HTML
> 6.	UNIX Application Programming
> 7.	Database Programming
> 8.	Client - Server Issues
> 9.	Graduate Degree in Computer Science preferred
> Our client offers competitive compensation packages which include:
> 1.	Salary
> 2.	Comprehensive Health
> 3.	401(k)
> 4.	Stock Options

I'm glad that their compensation packages include Salary. They truely
are a unique, wonderful company.

> Note:
> All potential candidates that make it past initial screens and client
> resume reviews will be tech screened by client as part of their
> application.  Please send all resumes to:
> jlanghans at

Cat get on the keybaord again? Or perhaps it has your tongue.

> Jeremy Langhans
> Senior Recruiter
> Office Partners, Inc
> Administrative Staffing Specialists
> Office: 425-450-1991
> 601 108th Ave NE Suite 1900
> Bellevue, WA 98004
> jlanghans at

Should my

resume be

double spaced

even though it's in ASCII


Anyway, folks, I don't know if this guy is for real (or the company) but if one of you are
desprete and qualified and want to move to Washington, you can't say I'm hoarding these.


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