PERL-SQL question

Doug Miles doug.miles at
Wed Jan 30 11:44:05 CST 2002

N wrote:

> Hi
> I put in the print statement like you said and got the
> following message.
> INSERT into utilization (id,tester_name,ww,util)VALUES
> ('TER01','04','98.60% ')
> Could not execute sql statement: at
> C:\Perl\ line 32, <NISHANT> line 6.
> it is inserting the first line and then errors out at
> the last line.
> The wierd thing is I use the same ODBC connection and
> can do inserts into the very same db from command
> line/user input.
> I pasted the insert statement using the SQL Enterprise
> manager and the insert syntax works okay
> Thanks for your help
> Rgds
> NP

One other thought occurred to me.  Try taking the die off of the Execute 
statement.  Are you sure that Execute returns true on success?  This is 
a long shot. :)

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