Save the Damian Fund

Doug Miles doug.miles at
Fri Jan 11 12:01:33 CST 2002

Doug Miles wrote:

> I am planning on making a small donation to Yet Another Society 
> ( for Damian and Dan Sugalski for this 
> year.  I just thought it might be cool to pool some money together if 
> others are interested.  We could then put as the donor.  If 
> you are interested, speak up.  I was thinking about just paying me, and 
> I'll make the donation.  Everyone can post what they are putting in to 
> keep me honest. :)  I'm open to other ideas, also.  I just want to make 
> sure that there is no opportunity for scandal. ;) (I'm usually not 
> terribly comfortable with doing stuff like this, but I'll make an 
> exception in this case.)

It has come to my attention that some people may not want to disclose 
how much they are donating (which makes perfect sense).  I was wondering 
if anyone has another idea for keeping accountablility without 
disclosure to the list.  Unless you all trust me implicitly. Bwwahahaha! :)

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