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Scott Walters scott at
Wed Dec 18 11:31:26 CST 2002

> Hi yous guys...  Tim Beavers here.  I'm sure no one really missed me...  But

Oh? How sure? We talk all the time about people that drop off the radar screen

> in case anyone is wondering where I am, I moved to NJ in June.  No, I don't
> watch "The Sopranos."

What prompted that? Your promotion? Quality of life? 
> I still enjoy being on the list though.  It reminds me of how hot
> my steering wheel would get sitting out in the Sky Harbor parking lot for
> days at a time...

Remembering going to the car wash and having your window crack when the water
hit it? Driving blind into the sun? Your air conditioning breaking and
every thing made out of wax in your home melting? $200 summer cooling bills?
Tubing in the rather yellow salt "river" with 1000 college kids? Yeah,
Phoenix truely is a special place...

> I moved up to the 767,  and since that is an international jet, I'm managing
> to find my way to Europe 3 or 4 times a month.  (Does anyone need anything?
> Anything I won't get arrested for?)
> As for the web site, sounds like you just made yourself the pumpking, Scott.
> The message board is the only thing on my server, but Phoenix PM is welcome
> to it.  I'm no where near my bandwidth/storage limit.
> I was drawing down my web/programming activity, but in the highly volatile
> airline industry and the state of UAL in particular, I am thinking that
> instead, this may be a good time to 'turn it up a notch.'  I'm now very much
> available if anyone needs a project augmentee or temp help.

It looks like there is a lot of demand for programmers right now - if they
have secret clearance. You could be in a good position right now, in
your current job, to tap into that.
> Anyway, I've got fond memories of the Phoenix.PM crowd.  Gatherings of good
> folks that enjoy Perl almost as much telling war stories about the good ol'
> days...  Scott, thanks for your devotion to the group.  I'll drop by if I
> ever am fortunate to have a PHX layover coincide with a PM meeting.

That would be trippy! 


> Still lurking...
> Tim
> P.S.  As much as I hate to retire the short pants for a few months, It was a
> total hoot to go sledding with my sons after our last major snow storm.

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