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Doug Miles doug.miles at
Wed Dec 18 11:02:42 CST 2002

Webmaster wrote:
> Hi yous guys...  Tim Beavers here.  I'm sure no one really missed me...  But
> in case anyone is wondering where I am, I moved to NJ in June.  No, I don't
> watch "The Sopranos."
> I still enjoy being on the list though.  It reminds me of how hot
> my steering wheel would get sitting out in the Sky Harbor parking lot for
> days at a time...
> I moved up to the 767,  and since that is an international jet, I'm managing
> to find my way to Europe 3 or 4 times a month.  (Does anyone need anything?
> Anything I won't get arrested for?)
> As for the web site, sounds like you just made yourself the pumpking, Scott.
> The message board is the only thing on my server, but Phoenix PM is welcome
> to it.  I'm no where near my bandwidth/storage limit.
> I was drawing down my web/programming activity, but in the highly volatile
> airline industry and the state of UAL in particular, I am thinking that
> instead, this may be a good time to 'turn it up a notch.'  I'm now very much
> available if anyone needs a project augmentee or temp help.
> Anyway, I've got fond memories of the Phoenix.PM crowd.  Gatherings of good
> folks that enjoy Perl almost as much telling war stories about the good ol'
> days...  Scott, thanks for your devotion to the group.  I'll drop by if I
> ever am fortunate to have a PHX layover coincide with a PM meeting.
> Still lurking...
> Tim
> P.S.  As much as I hate to retire the short pants for a few months, It was a
> total hoot to go sledding with my sons after our last major snow storm.

Hey Tim!  Great to hear from you.  I for one, did wonder what happened 
to you... :)

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