website "updates"

Scott Walters scott at
Tue Dec 17 11:12:34 CST 2002

Hi kids,

I've made some changes to the website. 
It should look almost exactly the same as before, but now there is a little
"edit this page" link in the bottom left corner of most pages in the main
frame. (Who would have thought that the web would resurrect main frames?)
Yes, it is TinyWiki (surprise, surprise). 

The major sections are still the same: Books, Members, Projects, and Links.
I invite you to update your bio, post a book review, list a project
you're working on, or link to a cool Perl site. 

If no one else posts, I'll be forced to take down the blurbs I posted for fear 
of being thought vain. People giving talks are encouraged to link to their 
slides and code downloads from the Projects page. Feel free to create entire 
pages for yourself or a pet project. When editing a page you may use POD, HTML 
or Wiki syntax to mark up content. The bulletin board is still in place and is 
still the best place for things that don't fit those categories.

I'll do my best to police the site but feel free to relocate misplaced or
inappropriate content yourself. If anything goes horribly wrong, let me know.
I'll fish a safe version out of CVS.

Thanks to Tim Beavers, who did the site design and content. The current iteration
is just a minor adaptation of his original work.

Thanks for your attention,


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