Doug Miles doug.miles at
Thu Dec 12 14:40:37 CST 2002

Scott Walters wrote:
> Doug,
> Ack!
> I don't wake up before noon =P
> I probably would have made it but I didn't want to pull a Kurt - RSVP then not
> show.
> <insert hollow holiday sentiments here>
> Perhaps we should change our name - The International Brootherhood of Bytecode,
> Binary, Abstract Symbol Table, Patterning Match, Web Script, and
> lesser Sysadmin Workers, local 220.
> Bloody holidays... I retract my false sentiments. I hope atleast one other person
> has to try to write code while their mother is in town trying to rearrange the cupboards =P
> -scott

Sorry about that.  I should have rembered your sleeping schedule. :)  I 
guess my heart really isn't in it anyway.  We lost one more person to 
layoffs this week, and my boss is making me wish I had been a dryland 

>>Looks like nobody's going to make it tonight, so the meeting is 
>>canceled.  I'm going on vacation next week, and will be gone through the 
>>end of the year.  Happy Holidays to everyone, and we'll pick the 
>>meetings up again next year!

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