EL&R for computer field

Scott Walters scott at
Wed Dec 4 18:11:04 CST 2002

> > The field is so broad and so many levels of experience are tolerated it
> > would be difficult.

Note that this is the only negative thing I had to say re: certification -
the comments about herding cats were taken from someone elses email message.

> > Ahhhh, but the recruiters are the shirfers (sp? can't find it on
> > They make sense of the Voodoo for employers. That puts them in a very 
> > powerful position.
> "They" -- meaning the recruiters?  Are you kidding?  They cannot even make 
> sense of job postings and resumes most of the time.   Couple that up with 
> their lack of experience in the field and zip technical knowledge, and that 
> they cannot spell worth dirt ... and you have a dangerous situation.  The 
> only "Voodoo" most recruiters really know seems to be having the inside scoop 
> before we do.

No, I'm not kidding. I said that companies feel that they need a guide to
selecting programmers - not that they have effectively found one. Their
last attempt ("guides" to overseas talent) is even more laughable. The
real problem is being evaded.

> > Licensing computer professionals is about as useful as licensing artists,
> > licensing authors, or herding cats...

You're qouting me quoting someone else ;) I'm surprised no one had any
comments on Pladdium and Passport redefining the computer industry,
transforming it from a cottage industry to an industry that only 
major corporations do R&D work in. When other industries stopped
being a garage persuit and became a serious discipline it marked
the maturing of that field:  medicine, chemistry, mechanical engineering, 
and so forth.

As near as I can tell, Hal, within 15 years, you'll get your wish.

> Thanks, that burned less than I expected.

Usually I'm the one venting aggravation, but I guess you're allowed too ;)


> -Hal

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