New thread: Spelling, Grammar, and other annoying stuff

Scott Walters scott at
Wed Dec 4 17:49:59 CST 2002

> PLEASE!  I love chatting, but I am getting tired of all the tons of spelling 
> and grammar errors.   This is another thing that compromises any hope of a 
> professional image for this field.  We all need to keep on each other about 
> written presentations.

I'm sorry - I'm experimenting with a new mailer and it doesn't have ispell
hooks. The last one (pine) was shooting up to 100% cpu usage and just sitting
there for 15 minutes at a time, every 15 minutes, after more than a few 
messages accumulated. I've been looking up words manually on
My spelling is horrid - if I weren't looking things up as I went, it would
be much, much worse. We should all have high standards, but up until a
couple years ago, I made no effort in this direction. My growth is stunted ;)
Bare with this newbie.


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