Parameter parser

Scott Walters scott at
Wed Dec 4 08:32:02 CST 2002

Code is a more tangiable asset to a company than prose, poetry, paint or
felines unless they happen to be in that industry. If the industry
ever realizes how much money is lost to I-learned-PHP-yesterday-so-how-I'm-
a-programmer programmers, they'll scream for governmental regulation.

A shirfer is a native mountaineer who takes tourists mountain climbing.
Tourists entrust their lives to them and are sometimes rewarded with a
safe trip home. 

Its become a sort of slang for someone who readily accepts your money
to make something safe that is inheriently unsafe, which of course cannot
be done. The make something safe part, that is, not the take your money part.


> Gut reaction:
> Licensing computer professionals is about as useful as licensing artists,
> licensing authors, or herding cats...
>   unworkable and impractical.
> \\/
> -- Your poetic license is hereby revoked.

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