Meeting 08/02/2001

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I won't be able to make it this week, but if anyone's interested in the five days of madness and mayhem commonly referred to as the "O'Reilly Open Source Convention", I can give a brief on it next meeting. I'm still recovering from Damian Conway's talk on "SelfGOL", a 999-byte viral quine that also manages to animate banner text and play Conway's "Game of Life".
                                             - Rob

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First post!!!
(Sorry, my IQ is attached to the LA power grid. It kinda goes up
and down throughout the day...)

For some time in the future, I've got a couple of small apps
I can present... Yes, I take requests, and require motivation =)

1) Poll booth software that allows users to place multiple votes,
   and divides their single vote into "virtual" smaller votes.
   [To do - instant run-offs, then I can sell it to the US gov't].

2) Mail sorting, indexing, uniquifing software with a hand full
   of indexes and reports.

3) "How to" for desinging credit card gateway clients (all banks
   are basicly the same but each different and undocumented).

4) An expandy-contracty-thing for drilling down within a document.

5) Perl interface to the Linux module that loads new microcode
   into Intel PIII chips

6) I'm at the library right now looking at sime simple fuzzy logic 
   software in C that I could be persuaded to translate to Perl

7) Braindead webserver in Perl (about 60 lines long, don't remember).

One of those is a decoy, but I'm curious to see if anyone asks for it =)
Mind you, this is only if no one has anything...

[trying this again, first attempt seems to have got lost.. email doesnt
work for me]


On Tue, 31 Jul 2001, Doug Miles wrote:

> We'll be having a meeting Thursday August 2nd at 7:00PM.
> It will be held at The Willow House, which is located at 149 W. McDowell
> Rd., which is just West of Bowne on McDowell.  This is a social meeting,
> so just show up, hang out, and have fun.  The Willow House has coffee,
> and sandwiches, so bring some money if you are hungry.  If you want more
> information, visit  See you there!
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> For a list of the ways which technology has failed
> to improve our quality of life, press 3.

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