Meeting 08/02/2001

Scott Walters phaedrus at
Tue Jul 31 15:32:30 CDT 2001

First post!!!
(Sorry, my IQ is attached to the LA power grid. It kinda goes up
and down throughout the day...)

For some time in the future, I've got a couple of small apps
I can present... Yes, I take requests, and require motivation =)

1) Poll booth software that allows users to place multiple votes,
   and divides their single vote into "virtual" smaller votes.
   [To do - instant run-offs, then I can sell it to the US gov't].

2) Mail sorting, indexing, uniquifing software with a hand full
   of indexes and reports.

3) "How to" for desinging credit card gateway clients (all banks
   are basicly the same but each different and undocumented).

4) An expandy-contracty-thing for drilling down within a document.

5) Perl interface to the Linux module that loads new microcode
   into Intel PIII chips

6) I'm at the library right now looking at sime simple fuzzy logic 
   software in C that I could be persuaded to translate to Perl

7) Braindead webserver in Perl (about 60 lines long, don't remember).

One of those is a decoy, but I'm curious to see if anyone asks for it =)
Mind you, this is only if no one has anything...

[trying this again, first attempt seems to have got lost.. email doesnt
work for me]


On Tue, 31 Jul 2001, Doug Miles wrote:

> We'll be having a meeting Thursday August 2nd at 7:00PM.
> It will be held at The Willow House, which is located at 149 W. McDowell
> Rd., which is just West of Bowne on McDowell.  This is a social meeting,
> so just show up, hang out, and have fun.  The Willow House has coffee,
> and sandwiches, so bring some money if you are hungry.  If you want more
> information, visit  See you there!
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