Tied variables

Doug Miles doug.miles at
Thu Sep 7 12:02:57 CDT 2000

Webmaster wrote:
> I'll be there!  (Unless you cancel for lack of critical mass)
> One of my "Perl saved the day" could be my tied vairiables implementation.


> I can do a short presentation if you want.  (Doug, sorry for not responding,
> I spent the last few days in Europe...)

You can tell us about Europe too. :)

> Maybe it would be a good idea to have folks RSVP.  I think it's best to have
> a minimum number of people (4?,5?) who say they will come.  If you don't
> have that number, then cancel the meeting for that week.  You could make the
> "yay" or "nay" call at 3pm, and all who RSVP'd positive would be obliged to
> check their email before leaving to see if the meeting is still on...  Just
> an idea.
> Tim

Personally, I'd still hold it for 1 or 2 people.  Some of the best
discussions I've seen have come from small meetings.  What does everyone
else think?  Should we get a critical mass?  I do like the RSVP idea. 
I've started doing that because I had one 0 turnout meeting (not
counting me of course).  I'm definitely open to suggestions though.

- Doug

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