Tied variables

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Thu Sep 7 04:34:16 CDT 2000

I'll be there!  (Unless you cancel for lack of critical mass)

One of my "Perl saved the day" could be my tied vairiables implementation.

I can do a short presentation if you want.  (Doug, sorry for not responding,
I spent the last few days in Europe...)

Maybe it would be a good idea to have folks RSVP.  I think it's best to have
a minimum number of people (4?,5?) who say they will come.  If you don't
have that number, then cancel the meeting for that week.  You could make the
"yay" or "nay" call at 3pm, and all who RSVP'd positive would be obliged to
check their email before leaving to see if the meeting is still on...  Just
an idea.


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