Meeting 04/4/2000

sinck at sinck at
Thu Mar 30 14:07:10 CST 2000

\_ I suggest at some point during the evening, we all swing by and visit
\_ #perl. The people there are extremely friendly, and welcome visits from
\_ all sorts of Perlmongers. =|
\_ -scott

I'm having a bit of an issue connecting to EFNet for #perl

** Looking up
*** Connecting to ( port 6667..
*** Connected. Now logging in..
*** AUTH :*** Looking up your hostname...
*** AUTH :*** Found your hostname, cached
*** AUTH :*** Checking Ident
*** Disconnected.

I was having similar issues with on the servers Tony
listed, but I installed identd and it all went away.  But EFNet
doesn't like me much for reasons I dunno.





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