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Douglas E. Miles doug.miles at
Wed Apr 19 07:10:45 CDT 2000

Beaves at wrote:
> Does anyone have any experience setting up Internet Credit Card transactions?
>  I have so many questions, that I'm not sure really where to start.
> I want to be able to charge a computed amount each month for my (eventual)
> account holders.  (Pretty much a standard monthly billing sort of cycle).  I
> want to do it automatically via a Perl program, that most likely will use LWP
> to send and get approval/denial info.
> I've done some surfing at CC 'Gateway' sites...  Does anyone have any
> recommendations on a CC transaction processing company?
> If anyone is knowledgable and wouldn't mind bantering back and forth via a
> couple of emails to get me going, I'd appreciate it.  It may not be something
> worth garbaging up a Perl mailing list with.  (unless we have more folks
> interested...)
> Hope y'all had fun at the meeting!
> Sorry I missed it
> Tim
> beaves at

I've dealt with PaymentNet and AuthorizeNet in the past.  Both were
pretty easy to interface with, especially (I would guess) if you use the
module that Scott recommended.  (I did these interfaces before this
module was available.)  I'd take a look at the module docs, and see what
they have to say.

- Doug

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