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Wed Apr 19 04:06:22 CDT 2000

Does anyone have any experience setting up Internet Credit Card transactions? 
 I have so many questions, that I'm not sure really where to start.

I want to be able to charge a computed amount each month for my (eventual) 
account holders.  (Pretty much a standard monthly billing sort of cycle).  I 
want to do it automatically via a Perl program, that most likely will use LWP 
to send and get approval/denial info.

I've done some surfing at CC 'Gateway' sites...  Does anyone have any 
recommendations on a CC transaction processing company?

If anyone is knowledgable and wouldn't mind bantering back and forth via a 
couple of emails to get me going, I'd appreciate it.  It may not be something 
worth garbaging up a Perl mailing list with.  (unless we have more folks 

Hope y'all had fun at the meeting!

Sorry I missed it

beaves at

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