Perl Error Log

Douglas E. Miles doug.miles at
Mon Apr 17 09:04:06 CDT 2000

Pablo Velasquez wrote:


> I hope I don't seem like I'm taking and not giving Perl to the mailing-list
> :) but I have another question. When I use NT, there is an error log in the
> "c:\Perl" folder for PerlScript. However, for basic perl errors (aside from
> the screen) is there a "log of errors"? For example, MySQL has it's own log,
> Apache has a log for errors, does Perl have a log? I've been looking but I
> can't find one...I guess could just write one but I'm practicing Virtue 1 :)

I can say with about 99% certainty that perl does not have a built in
log.  It seems to me that such a thing would be too much of a
performance penalty.  Of course, with Perl being Perl, adding logging to
your own programs is a breeze.

- Doug

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