kill mysqld :)

sinck at sinck at
Mon Apr 10 16:45:05 CDT 2000

\_ However, I have a couple of questions, they're Linux related...

A) Try plug, they're friendly.  Most of the time.  :-)

\_ #1: I killed MySQL by executing distinct commands:
\_ kill -KILL 7036
\_ kill -KILL 7044
\_ kill -KILL 7045
\_ What I was wondering is: can I issue one command to bring all mysql
\_ processes to a stop.

Depending on your distribution try:

/etc/rc.d/init.d/mysql restart

or stop, start, status, etc.

Or you could look in /var/run/ (?) and shoot that one nicely,
then progressively nastier if it doesn't work.

\_ Question #2: How could I feed a "command" from a browser to a remote
\_ machine?

Yi!  Put heavy security wrappings on that.  Think about everything
that could go wrong if the script is compromised.  If you're still
thinking about it when you're done, then let me know and I'll give you
some pointers.


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